10 Essentials for Health and Wellness

Let the elements of healthy living enhance your life for this holiday season and into the New Year.

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Article taken from Trivita.com

Essential #1: Breathe Deeply
Inhale a full measure of reviving air, hold, then release stress and toxins.

A healthy immune system is dependent upon deep breathing. Your lymphatic system powers the immune response in your body, and lymph fluid moves as you inhale and exhale — by deep breathing. What a simple way to help your body stay healthy.

Essential #2: Drink Water
It’s the original energy drink: pour in its power and feel alive.

Feeling tired? Drink up to help your mind and body stay in balance, clear away waste and use food efficiently. Many people drag through life in a state of dehydration, when this formula could help: half your body weight is the number of ounces of water you should drink daily.

Essential #3: Sleep Peacefully
Let a regular sleep routine rejuvenates and repairs both body and mind.

It’s a fact: too little sleep can set us up for premature aging, depression and other serious health issues. Consider a research study among nurses, which found that those who got sufficient sleep were much less likely to suffer a heart attack than those who were in “sleep debt.”

Essential #4: Eat Nutritiously
A healthy life runs on healthy food: enjoy the benefits of both.

Supplements alone don’t bring good health: Food is the primary source of nutrients that literally fuel life. Let vegetables and fruits (preferably fresh) be your daily source of antioxidants and fiber, go easy on high-fat, sugary snacks and sodas, and choose lean protein.

Essential #5: Enjoy Activity
It feels good because it’s good for you:   get up and move every day.

Did you know? Exercise benefits both mind and body. It can improve your mood and outlook on life, give you more energy, promote flexibility and strength and help your body work better in almost every way. Another plus: Physical activity can enhance healthy aging.

Essential #6: Give and Receive Love
A heart that loves spreads joy — and builds a stronger immune system!

Healthy, loving relationships are key to truly experiencing wellness. The nurturing you receive from loved ones helps you and your immune system stay healthy. And, your own emotional and spiritual growth depends upon loving yourself and others.

Essential #7: Be Forgiving
Release yourself from the burden of grudges, and welcome in peace.

Holding on to past resentments doesn’t just cloud your emotional health: your physical self can respond to such negative feelings with stomach problems, muscle aches and more. Let go of those real or imagined grudges. Learn the habit of forgiveness and you’ll feel better within moments.

Essential #8: Practice Gratitude
An “attitude of gratitude” brings more happiness, health and calm.

When was the last time you stopped to count your blessings? Focus on the    positive to boost your emotional health, and reduce stress and the damage it causes. You’ll not only feel better, but you’ll be better: stress can age you faster, and put a burden on your immune system.

Essential #9: Develop Acceptance
Free yourself from worry: accept what you can’t change and move on.

When you know there are things in life that you can’t change, you free yourself to handle the things you can change. It’s a powerful tool for creating wellness: a mind cleared of needless worry, ready to help you enjoy all the blessings of your life.

Essential #10: Develop a Relationship with God
To cultivate your own well-being and happiness, nourish your spirit.

People who nurture their spiritual selves everyday get real benefits: lower blood pressure, fewer strokes and less emotional turmoil. What’s more, those with strong spiritual ties lose weight more easily, handle crises better and have a stronger social life. How’s your spiritual health?

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